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The library of the department of Egyptology is accessible for members of the University of Cologne, members of the Friends of the Egyptology Department Uschebti, and visiting researchers and students. The core of the library is formed of textual editions, archaeological reports and a comprehensive research literature on the society, culture and history of North-Eastern Africa in the prehistoric, pharaonic, Ptolemaic and Coptic periods. Additional areas covered are the archaeology of the Sudan and Heritage Studies.

The holdings of the library can be checked online through the Catalogue of Cologne University.

The Online Egyptological Bibliography can be accessed from within the campus network. Members of the university are able to set up a Virtual Private Network to connect with the campus network from home.

The books and journals of the library can be accessed and read within the library of the department. Please note that there is no photocopier or scanner in the library.

If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact the general office.