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(D. Stefanović)

The social network analysis of the Middle Kingdom / Second Intermediate Period high ranking officials: the case of treasures (mr xtmwt)

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method used to describe and analyse human relations SNA studies individuals, people, or groups of people (nodes) linked together through social interaction and the relations between those individuals (edges), i.e. quantifies and measures inter-connectivity.
The aim of this project is to study the Middle Kingdom / Second Intermediate Period society by using
SNA method, starting with the group of the high ranking officials – the treasurers. The “overseer of sealed things”, or “treasurer” (mr xtmt) was one of the most important officials, the second to the vizier. The title is attested within the branches of central administration, as well as in the provinces.
Thirty seven individuals, i.e. “treasurers” are known by now from 95 inscribed objects. By evaluating and comparing all prosopographic data of a person’s social environment, it is my aim to shed light not only on the identity of the individual, but especially on the reconstruction of social interrelations within a whole social unit, i.e. to recreate a two-dimensional model of a web of intersecting and adjoining interactions between numerous actors in a delimited time and space.
The results gained by SNA methodology are intended to supplement the more traditional egyptological (historical and philological) analysis, hopefully presenting new patterns in the data or supporting previous results of the Middle Kingdom / Second Intermediate Period social history exemplified through the holders of the title mr xtmt.