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2016 · World Heritage and Nubian Cultures

Cologne & Aswan · August 29 – September 17, 2016

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Based on the rich cultural and natural heritage of Aswan and Lower Nubia, a World Heritage site inscribed in 1979, the Summer School will introduce the participants to the current discussions and critical approaches in the field of heritage studies. The main topics of discussion will be: an introduction to cultures of the region and their natural environment, beginning in prehistory until today (Egyptian and “Nubian”); cultural contacts and identities; material culture, museums and communities; resettlement and heritage; heritage, cultural diversity and human rights; concepts of biocultural heritage, tangible and intangible heritage; heritage and tourism; methodologies for heritage research.

The focus will be on the building of the Aswan dams and their effects: on the environment, the re-discovery of Nubian cultures, past and present, and the re-definition of Nubian heritage. Classroom teaching, visits to heritage sites, museums, Nubian villages etc. will serve as preparation for exploratory field research projects to be carried out by small groups of students in the second and third week.