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Working title: Emotions in Ancient Egypt. Concepts – Standards – Functions

PhD students: Sven Eicke
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Françoise Labrique, Prof. Dr. Frank Kammerzell (HU Berlin)

The Ancient Egyptian text material contains numerous evidence of emotions. 
In the context of the dissertation project, the linguistic expressions for "fear" in different genres of texts are to be collected and analyzed synchronously and diachronically with regard to the following core questions:
What kind of cognitive concepts of "fear" can be identified on the basis of their linguistic realisation?
Which emotional standards regarding "fear" are implemented in which way and in which text genres?
Does the Ancient Egyptian concept of "fear", which is conveyed in the various genres, have cultural-specific functions?
To approach the three core questions, various methods of Cognitive Linguistics (including Conceptual Metaphor Theory) and interdisciplinary emotion research (including Emotionology) are used.