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Curriculum Vitae


04/2018-Present: MSCA Fellow a.r.t.e.s. EUmanities Programme/PhD student Egyptology, University of Cologne.

09/2013-02/2016: Research Master Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology, specialising in Egyptian and Nubian archaeology,  Leiden University.

08/2014-01/2015: Erasmus Exchange Program Egyptian Archaeology (with distinction), University College London. 

09/2013: ICLON Course in Didactics, Leiden University. 

09/2010-09/2013: Bachelor Archaeology, Leiden University. 

09/2010-09/2013: Honours College Archaeology, Leiden University. 


Archaeological Experience

09/2017-10/2017: archaeologist, archaeological drafts person, registrar and databaser for the Zawyet Sultan Project, Minya, Egypt. 

06/2013-07/2013: archaeological drafts person, staff-member of field school and architects assistant for the Kinneret Regional Project, Horvat Kur, Israel. 

06/2012-07/2012: archaeological drafts person and architect’s assistant for the Kinneret Regional Project, Horvat Kur, Israel. 

05/2011-06/2011: student at the  archaeological field school at Oegstgeest, the Netherlands. 


Selected Work Experience

10/2017-04/2018: Archaeology Teacher (Freelance), Teaching tailor-made archaeological classes to various ages (primary, secondary and university level); Rotterdam, the Netherlands 

10/2011-04/2018: Teacher at Inwijs, teaching numerous projects at various schools found in the region South-Holland, in a large variety of subjects; Leiden/The Hague, the Netherlands. 

10/2017-03/2018: Teacher and Organiser Pre-University Class Archaeology at Leiden University. Organising and teaching both an online and class-taught course in archaeology for high school students considering studying archaeology; Leiden, the Netherlands 

09/2016-04/2017 Workshops for Exhibition "Keukengeheimen", working for Dr. Joanita Vroom in the creation of a food-lab with educational workshops at the Dutch Wereldmuseum (Museum of Ethnography); Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

09/2016-04/2017: Education and Exchange Officer Archaeology at Leiden University; Leiden, the Netherlands 

09/2015-09/2017: Leiden University (JobMotion). Teacher and co-author of the new archaeology primary school teaching program “Speuren naar Sporen” (Treasure hunt for Traces), for the Wetenschapsknooppunt (Science Hub); Leiden, the Netherlands. 


Selected Other Experience

09/2015-01/2016: Teaching Assistant of Dr. Joanita Vroom at Leiden University, organising the BA3 Archaeological Theory course, as well as grading papers and tutoring students. Leiden, The Netherlands. 

10/2014-02/2016:  Archaeology and Education Research Group; Part of a research group looking at the education systems around the world, personally researching the Dutch system. London, United Kingdom.

09/2014-09/2015: Volunteer at the Egypt Exploration Society, working with object cards of old excavations and helping with the creation of an exhibition. London, United Kingdom.  

09/2013-07/2014: Academic tutor at Leiden University as part of the RMA curriculum, tutoring first year archaeology students. Leiden, The Netherlands.