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Ahmed Osman, M.Sc., M.A.



Email: aosman[at]smail.uni-koeln.de


  • Multimodal communication in Middle Kingdom texts: a social semiotic approach


  • Ancient Egyptian Language
  • Social semiotics
  • Continuity and Change


  • 2021 A methodological approach to utilize Egyptian colloquial Arabic as a source for ancient Egyptian linguistic analysis (https://fount.aucegypt.edu/etds/1576/)
  • 2021 Conference contribution: Curse like an Egyptian: On the determinatives of verbs štm and šnꜥ (forthcoming) presented in Rethinking the visual aesthetics of ancient Egyptian writing 18-20 Nov 2021.
  • 2023 Conference contribution: “Scribal practice in Heqanakht model-letters: Analyzing the epistolary formula beyond the script” in Looking Beyond the Text: Scribal Practices in Ancient Egypt, Mainz, 17-19 May, 2023