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Sally Bahgat, M.A.

Doktorandin & Reiseführerin

Email: sbahgat[at]uni-koeln.de

Email: sallymbahgat[at]gmail.com


Tel: +20 (0)1222167011

Tel: +49 (0)1778463742


  • Social protocol in ancient Egypt: The system of rules and acceptable behaviour between classes of society during the New Kingdom.


  • Ancient Egyptian society
  • Etiquette in ancient Egypt
  • Usage of gestures and gestures in the ancient Egyptian society


  • Bahgat, S. 2020. Expressing Respect in the Ancient Egyptian Language. Göttinger Miszellen. Beiträge zur ägyptologischen Diskussion 262: 85-100.
  • Bahgat, S. 2022. Acceptable Behaviour in the Presence of the King during the New Kingdom. Proceedings of the Current Research in Egyptology. Université Montpellier III: 18-26.


  • Expressing submission in ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom till the end of the New Kingdom. Alexandria University. (2016).